Wasted Blood​/​Gator King split

by Wasted Blood

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released May 28, 2013



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Wasted Blood Ohio

Hardcore band from Ashtabula, Ohio. We'll play anywhere, send us a message or e-mail for booking.

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Track Name: Drop Dead
Hate, anger, greed, disgust
Filth, cheat, liar, fuck
These are the words what I have learned
Take what youve earned, I hope it hurts

Destroying my youth
I fucking hate you
Track Name: Autopsy
The body cold lays flat on the table
the scalpel lies deeper and deeper
the broken soul lays farther and farther away,
from eternity
Cut me open and see
The reasons for why im diseased
Why do I feel so cold
is this a presence of a fallen soul
searching for somewhere to bestow
and if so let it find its path
because hell is only 6 below
searching for your soul
Cut me open and see
The reasons for why im diseased
Let this man go
No hope for your soul.
Track Name: Bad Blood
Truth has weared its ugly face
I guess things never change
this house will never be my home.
it only gets worse.
try and live out each and every day
i try and figure why
their eyes only see hate
my back is pushed
up against my grave
my life is a constant struggle
to not end my name.
Bad Blood.
Filth is all i see in you.
Hate is all i feel inside
How much longer can this last, feeling shattered like broken glass
This life cant go on feeling empty
Track Name: Last Try
My life is ending fast
Im starting to collapse
Questions lie in my head
When will this stop?
nothing seems to make sense
This life is a dead end
I think im giving in
This is my last goodbye
I swear i fucking tried
i cant take all these lies
My hands are tied.
Now I must die
All hope is lost
I have forgot how it feels to be loved